Exciting Advances in AI at Alstef Group - Alstef Group
At Alstef Group, we’re leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) across various facets of our operations to elevate customer experiences and optimize efficiency. Here’s a glimpse into how AI is shaping our services:


Cyber Security Vigilance

Our cyber defence strategy is fortified by AI and Machine Learning technologies. We use AI-based cyber-attack simulation tools to ensure the robustness of our security measures.


Client Software Solutions

In our business solutions, AI and learning algorithms are becoming indispensable. We’ve identified use cases, studied business value, and implemented Proof of Concepts (POCs). From optimizing storage optimisation to enhanced order fulfilment in logistics, and a better utilisation of baggage sorting and control machines based on flight forecast in airport scenarios, AI is unlocking innovative solutions.


Automated Bag Drops

AI is at the heart of our Bagdrop machines, enhancing image classification for baggage conveyability and tub presence detection. Continuous improvements based on field feedback and convolutional neural network AI further optimises the solution to an impressive 99.8% accuracy.


Parcel Robotic Induction

Vision AI is integrated into our induction robots, empowering them to understand the geometric shapes of packages/products. This not only optimizes the robot’s grip but also enhances overall efficiency.


AGVs Evolution

Our AGV based intralogistics solutions undergo meticulous improvements using AI and Deep Learning. From traffic optimisation, adaptative localisation and navigation, automatic conflict resolution, smart energy management, storage optimization to enhanced order fulfilment, these advances are shaping the future of our robotic operations.


Maintenance Excellence

BagXpert, a dedicated software harnesses IoT, statistical analyses, and advanced AI with DL algorithms for predictive maintenance, ensuring operational continuity, proactive risk mitigation and energy efficiency in our installed systems.


Internal Productivity Boost

AI is set to revolutionize our software development lifecycle, introducing AI assistants to streamline coding tasks, automate testing, and enhance application monitoring. This not only accelerates development but also contributes to the overall efficiency of our teams.


At Alstef Group, we’re committed to embracing cutting-edge technologies to provide unparalleled solutions to our clients. The future is exciting, and we’re ready to redefine the landscape of airport and logistics services with the power of AI!