Alstef Group announces the sale of its medical unit to accelerate its growth in the airport and intralogistics markets - Alstef Group

Yannick CARRÉ (BNP Paribas Développement) | Pierre-Michel DELÉGLISE (Financière Fonds Privés) | Samuel PINAULT (BA HEALTHCARE) | Nicolas BRETON (Alstef Group)

Alstef Group signed last Friday the sale agreement of its subsidiary BA Healthcare to the French investment fund Financière Fonds Privés.

Born in 2011 from Alstef Group / BA Systèmes’ desire to diversify its activities, BA Healthcare is a company specializing in medical and paramedical robotic devices. Its flagship solution is a mobile medical imaging system for operating rooms, co-developed with General Electric Healthcare. The company currently has a turnover of about 7 million euros for 30 employees.

The sale, effective June 4th, transfers full ownership of BA Healthcare to a pool of investors organized around Financière Fonds Privés, including BNP Paribas Développement and the current managers of BA Healthcare.

This new step in Alstef Group’s strategy, allows the group to focus its activities and development on its core markets, the supply of turnkey automated solutions for airports and intralogistics. Nicolas BRETON, CEO of Alstef Group declares: “The medical activity represented 5% of our activity, and its sale allows us to focus our strategic efforts on our core business in order to better deliver on our customers’ needs. We have ambitious development plans for our airport and intralogistics activities, both in the launch of new solutions for our clients and in the acceleration of our internationalization. This sale also allows us to prepare a strong increase in our presence in the e-commerce world in the near future.

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