Alstef Group partners with SATIE to enhance BHS cybersecurity - Alstef Group

Since May 2019, Alstef Group has been involved in a European cybersecurity project called SATIE  (Security of Air Transport Infrastructure of Europe).

SATIE adopts a holistic approach to cyber threat prevention, detection, response, and mitigation in airports while guaranteeing the protection of critical systems, sensitive data, and passengers.

Alstef Group provided SATIE a digital twin of the baggage handling system of Zagreb Airport, Croatia (commissioned in 2016) which helped make it possible for SATIE to mimic the process of cyberattacks, and develop prevention and risk management solutions.

After months of training on the simulation platform, Alstef Group employees assisted with the preparation and video production for a SATIE – online demonstration event – which took place on July 27th. 40 stakeholders were connected through a WebEX platform and viewed the demonstration which included a ransomware attack, DDOS attack, and a wrong carousel attack, via three online cameras. All attacks were detected by the cybersecurity tools developed by our partners and sent to the Security Operation Center (SOC).

“Our involvement in this project has vastly improved our knowledge of OT Cybersecurity as it relates to airport baggage handling systems,” says Alstef Group CIO, Éric HERVÉ, “and we can now pass this expertise on to our customers and provide the assurance of our thoroughly tested and proven cybersecurity solutions.