B2A Technology becomes Alstef Group - Alstef Group

One group, one extended offer, one brand

PRESS RELEASE – Boigny-sur-Bionne (France), September 24th, 2020 – The world is evolving, and along with it, so are the needs in airport, industry, logistics and e-commerce. That is why B2A Technology becomes Alstef Group.

Following the acquisition of the New Zealand company Glidepath and the appointment of Nicolas Breton as Chief Operating Officer, the group has chosen a new name to address these new challenges and drive its development. This new name is part of a new corporate project which focuses on meeting customers’ needs, providing a wider range of solutions and mobilizing all its teams worldwide.


Several teams, one group

Alstef Group has increased the global scope and scale of skills between its different entities to better support its customers in their challenges. The ability to share in a greater pool of resources allows us to be closer to our customers, more responsive, and to take on larger-scale projects.
“The historic commercial success achieved with the automated baggage handling system of Santa Lucia Airport in Mexico is symbolic of Alstef Group’s new strength. By having our teams in France and New Zealand working together, we will succeed in delivering the largest project in our history within a record time”, says Pierre Marol, President of Alstef Group.
In line with this new strategy, the product range for airport will be rationalized to keep only the best products from each entity providing customers with an optimized solution.
Customers need the best software solution to improve their productivity, meet their deadlines and adapt to a fast-changing world. So additionally, Alstef Group is accelerating its own investment in IT. by strengthening its IT teams and committing to the redesign and harmonization of its software suites. In doing so Alstef Group is working towards more intelligent management of its customers’ facilities.


One extended offer

As a reputable provider of automated turnkey solutions for airport, intralogistics and healthcare markets, Alstef Group has recently – significantly – expanded its range of solutions and is not planning to stop there.
Robotic and automated order picking is a major challenge for industrial and logistics players today, and Alstef Group has demonstrated its ability to design and implement intelligent systems for many customers. “The COVID crisis has highlighted the competitive advantage of customers for whom we have installed robotic solutions. A 3PL customer told me recently that they would not have been able to handle the incredible volume fluctuations of the last few months without our installation”, said Nicolas Breton, Chief Operating Officer of Alstef Group.
As a key player in the heterogeneous pallet preparation, Alstef Group continues its expansion in the world of parcels and articles thanks to its partnership with Autostore, and has the clear ambition to provide solutions to e-commerce operators.

Finally, in order to better meet the needs for automated storage and handling of pallets and luggage, Alstef Group spent the last two years developing four new Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), confirming its ambition to continuously provide its customers with innovative solutions. The two latest ones, a tri-directional AGV capable of dropping-off pallets up to 12 meters high and a compact and agile “turtle” AGV, will be installed and will operate together this autumn at a world-leading cosmetics company, thus providing the customer with the latest technologies encompassing energy, vision and navigation developed by the group.


One brand

Established in ten countries and with systems installed on five continents, the group has expanded its international presence at the beginning of the year with the acquisition of the New Zealand company Glidepath.
By choosing to combine all its skills under a single brand, Alstef Group intends to promote the notion of expertise and combined knowledge to serve a collective intelligence dedicated to the customer. The expertise of the Glidepath, Alstef, BA Systèmes and BA Healthcare teams is now united behind the single Alstef Group banner, thus clearly asserting its identity and ambition.

One group, one extended offer, one brand… This new impetus and the direction given to its teams is also expressed by the group’s new signature – “Beyond Automation” Representing a promise of excellence for employees and the stated willingness to exceed the needs of all its customers with intelligent solutions and provide them with the long-term benefits of a tailor-made automated system that is efficient, scalable and innovative.

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