24/7 Remote Support and Spare Parts - Alstef Group


Remote phone and email support and fast, easy access to spare parts are essential for the continuous, successful running of an airport.

24/7 Hotline Support


24/7 access to on-call BHS System experts

Remote diagnostics via system login

quickly trace faults and restore operations

For peace of mind, we offer 24/7 subscription support services to connect you to our team of on-call specialists who can guide you on all aspects of the BHS including mechanical, electrical, PLC, SAC, SCADA network, and software systems.

Our experts can undertake a Q&A to identify the issue and if required, are available to securely access your system remotely to run diagnostic tools, investigate logs and find the root cause of the issue. 

Our hotline services can be packaged into a tailored support package, combined with any of our other operations and maintenance services.

Fast Easy Access to Spare Parts

Timely delivery of spare parts

System and spares requirements audits

Optimisation du stockage

options for centralized spares storage to shorten delivery times

Our regional Spare Parts Departments can ensure that airports have the required spares on hand in case of a system failure.

It is important to regularly review spare parts inventory to check required stock levels and obsolescence.

We also offer a ‘Warrant of Fitness’ maintenance check to extend the life of the system and can review locally held spare parts.

Need Spares or Assistance?