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Prevent bag jams through detecting bags that may cause issues.

Bag Convey-ability Check

Usually installed at check-in or on the collector conveyor, a bag convey-ability check ensures that any item of luggage which may cause a jam or issues with the BHS, are detected prior to their entry into the baggage system.

Our solution can automatically determine whether a luggage item needs to be placed in a tub in order to safely travel through the system, or if it needs to travel through the fragile/oversize route.

Over-height bag detection

Over-Height Bag Detection

Our over-height bag detection solution utilizes a tilting flap or a photoelectric sensor in case there is not enough space to install the tilting flap, to determine if a bag is deemed over-height and unable to be conveyed by the BHS.

Bag height detection is usually installed prior to any BHS-related machines where over-height baggage may cause a blockage  (bag elevators, x-rays machines etc).