Carousels - Alstef Group


A range of options for reclaim and make-up applications​

A Wide Variety of Options and Configurations

Our comprehensive range of carousels is highly durable, reliable, and efficient. We offer a variety of configurations for both reclaim and make-up and options for caterpillar or friction drives.

Fully Configurable

Inclined Dispenser Carousel

Our Inclined Dispenser carousel provides a wide, inclined conveying surface for high-capacity bag storage in both reclaim and make-up applications. This carousel design is ideal for remote feed situations.

Overlapping Slat Carousel

Our Overlapping Slat carousels use a multiplanar slat-loop design that provides for a variety of configurations – suitable for baggage claim, baggage make-up, or sortation loop applications. We also offer a design that can incline and decline between different floor levels.

Pallet Loop Carousel

Our Pallet Loop carousel is made up of a chain of linked crescent-shaped pallets forming a continuous loop. The Pallet Loop carousel is a highly versatile design that can achieve a variety of configurations for both make-up and reclaim applications.