Transport Conveyors - Alstef Group


A comprehensive, modular conveyor range for the general transport of baggage.

Highly  Efficient and Easily Maintained


Arranged to suit building layout and functional design requirements, our modular range of transport conveyors provide a configurable, robust, and effective method of transporting baggage throughout your facility.

Designed with ease of maintenance as a priority – any component in the drive system can be removed and reassembled in less than 30 minutes.

Ease of Maintenance

Collector Conveyor

High-quality, stainless steel clad, quiet transport conveyor for use front-of-house.

Metering Conveyor

The Metering Conveyor is purpose designed for queuing and spacing baggage for screening or sortation.

Merge Conveyor

Available in 45 or 90-degree configurations, the Merge Conveyor is designed for high speed merging or diverging of baggage.

Powercurve Conveyor

Offering smooth and efficient horizontal directional change, our Powercurve is a highly functional, durable conveyor.

General Transport Conveyor

The General Transport Conveyor range can be floor mounted or suspended from the building structure. Modular components allow flexibility and are configurable as horizontal or incline-horizontal-decline.

Bag Lift

Our Baggage Lift is capable of conveying luggage to heights of 12m.