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destination coded vehicle

Carousel Pusher Loop Sorters System 

A carousel pusher loop sorter is equipped with multiple drive units enabling full speed and full capacity operations with at least one drive unit out of service. Its speed of 1 m per second allows a throughput of up to 2700 bags per hour (1200 bags/h per induction). The friction drive technology provides a low noise and the elliptic cinematic of the pusher pallet makes the deviation of the bags smooth and precise. This solution has very low energy consumption as well as very low maintenance costs (compared to tilt tray or cross belt sorters). Compact and flexible, this system is easy to modify (carousel can be expanded quickly without long operation stop).


Alstef Group installation references:

  • Zagreb new Terminal – Croatia
  • Paris Orly Terminal 1 – France
  • Paris Roissy Terminal 2B – France

Cross-belt Sorter System Integration

A cross-belt sorter consists of integrated bi-directional conveyor belts. The bag travels along the conveyor and when it reaches its intended destination, the crossbelt conveyor gently transfers the bags to the desired destination.


Alstef Group installation references:

  • Basel Mulhouse Airport – Switzerland/France
  • Lyon St Exupery – France
  • Marseille Provence – France


tilt tray system integration

Tilt-tray System Integration

A tilt-tray sorter consists of trays mounted to a series of carts linked together in a continuous closed loopAs necessary, these trays “tilt” to transfer the bag they are carrying the appropriate chute.

Alstef Group installation references:

  • Istanbul Ataturk – Turkey
  • Moscow Sheremetyevo – Russia
  • Mexico Santa Lucia – Mexico

Destination Coded Vehicle System Integration

Destination Coded Vehicle (DCV) systems deliver fast and secure baggage handling via individual carts running on a low-maintenance rail system. DCV solutions are ideal for small to medium-sized BHS systems where speed is a priority.


Alstef Group installation references:

  • Toulouse Blagnac – France
  • Montreal Pierre Trudeau Transborder – Canada
  • Dubai Emirates HQ – UAE
  • Oujda Angads – Morocco
  • Nice Côte d’Azur Terminal1 – France
destination coded vehicle

Experienced Partner/Subcontactor

Individual Carrier System Integration Partnerships

Individual Carriers Systems (ICS) are rail-based systems where each item of luggage is conveyed in the confines of its carrier to allow secure and speedy transportation ideal for long bag journeys.


Alstef Group partnership/subcontractor references:

  • Helsinki International Airport (Finland)
  • Paris CDG Airport TDS3/Terminal E (France)
Paris CDG Airport