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Fail-safe BHS Integration of Hold Bag Screening Solutions

Hold Bag Screening Integration Specialists

Alstef Group can integrate any certified x-ray machine on the market and our integration expertise provides 100% fail-safe screening. As a group, we are highly experienced at integrating the latest Standard 3 CT machines ensuring low-risk upgrades from legacy screening systems. Our experience dates back to the integration of the first TSA-approved CT screening system installed post 9/11 at Boise Airport, Idaho, USA.

We offer full consultancy and design/validation services to assist airport customers in designing hold baggage screening systems to meet any industry specifications or guidelines including but not limited to ECAC, TSA, CATSA and BCAS.



Experts Designing an Integrated BHS Screening Solution


During the design phase, we consider how to minimize operational risk and downtime in any x-ray upgrade project.

We also consider the maintenance requirements and plan for the system around the potential for future screening upgrades. Our proposed design can be validated through simulation to prove the design requirements can be met.


Integrated Screening System Support


In addition to offering support and maintenance of baggage handling systems, our staff regularly provide trained first level support of the X-ray screening machines – maximising system availability.


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