BAGXONE goes live at Belgrade Airport - Alstef Group

Alstef Group has completed the commissioning of a cutting-edge baggage handling system at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport in Serbia. This project, awarded by Vinci in December 2021, underwent installation in multiple phases, primarily focusing on completing the baggage handling system in the new Terminal 2 while establishing vital connections with the existing Terminal 1 baggage system.

A notable innovation within this endeavor is the integration of the BAGXONE Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), providing seamless connectivity between the screening reconciliation zone and the departures make-up carousels. In rare instances, the AGV can also efficiently redirect baggage from the reconciliation zone to the baggage destruction zone.

“During the design phase, space constraints posed challenges in planning fixed conveyor routes for low-traffic transfers to and from the screening reconciliation zone,” stated David Dugue, Head of Tender Department – Airport Systems at Alstef Group. “Employing the BAGXONE AGV emerged as the most effective solution,” he continued.

The on-site work, initiated in June 2022, commenced with the first departure phase in the southern area of Terminal 2. This phase encompassed the installation of 28 check-in conveyors and counters, outbound screening and sortation systems, make-up carousels, out-of-gauge lines, and roller tables. The subsequent departure phase, centered on the northern area of Terminal 2, involved the installation of 33 check-in conveyors and counters, an outbound screening system, carousel-based sortation systems, and a make-up carousel.

Simultaneously, phase 3 concentrated on establishing a two-way connection between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, integrating essential systems and installing 50 conveyors. The final departures phase focused on the dedicated transfer line, comprising 13 conveyors designed for efficient baggage transfer. The entire system is controlled via the Alstef Group BAGWARE – a proprietary software suite providing Sortation Allocation Control (SAC) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).

The commissioning of the BAGXONE AGV was completed in early June, underscoring the agility and efficiency of AGV-based baggage handling solutions in managing low throughput baggage logistics while optimizing airport floor space.