BAGXONE, high-speed AGV for BHS - Alstef Group

Discover BAGXone, our high-speed AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) designed to handle individual baggage.

 Our AGVs can cover short distances (i.e. check-in to screening machine, screening machine to make-up carousel) or long distances (i.e. link between two terminals) and are easily adaptable to suit scalability and redundancy requirements.

bagxone agv bhs


BAGXone at Belgrade Airport

BagXone will be in operation at Belgrade Airport, Serbia in early 2023. The AGV will perform the transfer of post-screening suspect baggage to the search room and then facilitate their return (after verification) to the final sorting area.

bagxone PTE alstf group

BAGXone innovation trial at Rennes airport

Alstef Group presents the BAGXone at PTE

bagxone PTE alstf group