Clarins renews its trust in Alstef Group to modernize its storage system. - Alstef Group
The collaboration between Clarins, the cosmetics and wellness products specialist and Alstef Group, the expert in turnkey automated solutions, extends again with the updating of the logistics center based in Pontoise, near Paris, in activity since 1985.

The storage warehouse, made up of seven aisles covered by five stacker cranes equipped with rear transfer, has been given a new lease of life with, the migration of the stacker cranes’ engines and positioning systems, the refurbishment of the on-board intelligence as well as the installation of an internal communication network via WIFI in the warehouse . The three controllers that manage the conveyor equipment, the interface between the IT and the stacker cranes as well as the ground store will be replaced by three brand new equipments this year. The technological upgrade of the supervision is also planned in order to provide better visibility of the installation including feedback of its important information and defects.

This modernization of the storage system dealing with obsolescence has a double objective. On the one hand, to secure the installation: “For us, it is essential that the store never breaks down. That’s why we’re investing, it’s a very strategic component of our process,” confirms David Viard, Technical Manager at Clarins Pontoise. On the other hand, the Pontoise site will see the activity of its automated warehouse triple. This improvement will enable Clarins to satisfy all its sales outlets in France and abroad. Work began in May 2022 and will be completed in the fall.

This new project reinforces the 30-year collaboration between Clarins and Alstef Group. For David Viard, “the partnership is proven, the satisfaction is proven, Alstef Group has always met the challenges. Everyone at every stage of the project has met the challenges by finding a mutual alignment”. Above all, it’s the system expertise of Alstef Group’s teams that seduced the cosmetics company:

“Alstef Group has an extensive knowledge of the tool, with very specific jobs that require experts. There is a notion of knowledge of the whole system which is very important. So there is a real added value of the teams on new projects, engineering and revamping, it’s undeniable”, underlines David Viard.