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Alstef Group partners with Clevertech

Manufacturing and Logistics go hand in hand. Nowadays with the immense growth of different product SKU, coupled with changes in product distribution due to e-commerce, it is extremely important to have both Manufacturing and Logistics in seamless connection.

Why? The rapidly changing market environment requires flexible production and quick reaction in order to achieve success.

How? Relying on the combined expertise of the Top Companies in their respective fields of the packaging and logistics sector.

Clevertech as the worldwide leader in packaging machinery production for front and end of line systems, and Alstef Group as worldwide leader in automated intralogistics systems and AGV-AMR solutions, are joining their resources and talents to offer a unique solution to Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturers.

The challenging and complex market environment, driven by shifting consumer habits, presents opportunities for dynamic consumer goods producers who can rapidly adjust in a cost-effective way. For this reason, Clevertech and Alstef Group decided to partner and provide tangible added value in shared project realization.

Clevertech offers front-of-line, center, and end-of-line solutions to FMCG manufacturing plants. The front-of-line equipment depalletizes bulk containers such as empty PET or glass bottles, jars, and cans, and introduces them into the processing line to be filled, capped, and labeled. The solutions offered for the center-of-line include product loading and unloading to and from the autoclaves. Finally, Clevertech provides palletizers and stretch wrappers that are configured in innovative ways to offer different systems, such as mixed palletizing or Multibrand where up to four different production lines can be handled with one palletizer simultaneously.

Alstef Group designs, integrates, and maintains complete tailor-made intralogistics systems for warehouses and distribution centers. The Group relies on its turnkey projects know-how to offer a wide range of solutions combining AGV-AMR technology, automated storage like AS/RS systems, warehousing flow management and order picking. The extensive experience and knowledge of industrial processes are the core of Alstef Group pre-sales and project management activities in order to design the automated system best fitted to the customer needs.

The purpose of Alstef Group’s and Clevertech’s joined proposal is to provide an integrated “turnkey” solution that starts from the very beginning of the line, continues through the filling process, the finished goods pallet storage and ends with the final step of shipment. The core competences of Alstef Group and Clevertech ensure an excellent solution for the Client, without any compromise. Projects are executed with a holistic approach and with state-of-the-art technology that both companies are known to supply to their respected customers and partners worldwide.

Alstef Group and Clevertech at Interpack 2023