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Implementing your cybersecurity policy

Faced with cyber-attacks on companies, securing infrastructures has become a major issue.

Today, the question is no longer ‘if’ but ‘when’ a cyber attack will occur. The implementation of a cybersecurity governance within companies is therefore essential, in order to detect threats and maintain facilities in a secure condition.

As a designer and integrator of automated solutions, Alstef Group has been working on cybersecurity for many years in the field of baggage handling systems in the airport industry. An expertise that we now pass on to our intralogistics customers, by providing them with solutions that meet their Information Systems Security Policy.

Our approach to cybersecurity

Alstef Group supports you in the implementation of your cybersecurity policy.

We adapt our infrastructures and services to meet the new cybersecurity issues of the industry while continuing to guarantee the reliability of our systems. By working closely with our customers on these issues, we can understand the operational needs in terms of securing the IoT.


Inventory and mapping

  • Classification of IT assets
  • Identification of all flows
Optimisation du stockage

security management

  • Risk analysis
  • Security audit
  • Risk management
Réduction des coûts


Implementing your Cyber strategy



Using simulators and/or digital twins

Amélioration conditions de travail


  • Patch management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Technology and security monitoring

Alstef Group supports you

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Éric Hervé
Chief Information Security Officer

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Cyber news

Événement Cyber OT

Le 20 octobre 2023 sur le Cyber Campus de la Défense (Paris) notre RSSI Eric HERVE a co-animé avec Hervé BURY, le RSSI OT de Framatome, la première réunion de la communauté OT du CESIN sur le thème de la Maintenance en Condition de Sécurité des actifs industriels (inventaire, cartographie, détection de vulnérabilités et plan de remédiation en utilisant des Jumeaux numériques).

Rencontre ETN

Le 15 novembre 2023, Eric Hervé a accueilli Jean-Charles Le Goff du Groupe ETN pour une présentation sur la sécurisation des réseaux Ethernet industriels. Merci ETN pour cet atelier très instructif sur la Cybersécurité OT autour des thèmes : panorama des menaces, types de cyberattaques, architecture réseau, industrie 4.0, segmentation, supervision, etc.

Passenger Terminal Expo Conference

Alstef Group will be present at the Passenger Terminal Expo with the SATIE Project actors to present a conference on the cyber security of baggage handling systems.

SATIE project

Alstef Group has participated to the European SATIE project aiming at improving the prevention and detection of cyber-physical attacks in airports.

NAVAL group visit

Our historical client NAVAL GROUP visited us to discuss cybersecurity and in particular maintaining security conditions.

This visit was an opportunity to take into account the IT and automation aspects with a “Security by design” approach for an automated storage like the one at their Cherbourg site. It was also an opportunity to communicate on digital twins and emulation for cyber tests.

ADP group visit

Within the framework of the cybersecurity approach of baggage handling systems, Alstef Group was pleased to welcome a delegation from ADP Group (Aéroports de Paris).


Alstef Group had the pleasure to welcome a delegation from U Iris, the IT entity of the Groupement U (French food retail group) and U Logistique to talk about cybersecurity and AGV systems with the teams of Alstef Group AGV Systems Department.

A day of exchanges on the new challenges of cybersecurity in intralogistics in the era of Industry 4.0, organized by Information Systems Security Managers Eric Hervé, Alstef Group and Vincent Lefret, U IRIS


Alstef Group joins Gimelec’s Cyber OT Club.