Group ADP entrusts Alstef Group with the provision of a new baggage handling system - Alstef Group

PRESS RELEASE – Boigny-sur-Bionne, January 28th, 2021

As part of planned ongoing developments at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, Groupe ADP has awarded Alstef Group a design and construction contract for the renovation of the Hold Baggage Screening system (HBS) at Terminal 2D. This contract is part of a global initiative to integrate Standard 3 Explosive Detection System (EDS) control machines per the latest safety requirements.

The project schedule is based on delivering the system in two main phases spread over 34 months. The first phase is due for completion in May 2022 and corresponds to an operational projection for the resumption of regular air traffic.

The solution proposed by the Alstef Group was favored by Groupe ADP for its multiple benefits including; redundancy capacity, ease of operation, maintainability of the baggage handling system, and was the solution that best met the overall economic and CSR criteria.

The scope of work includes 51 check-in counters, an automated outbound sortation system, two make-up carousels, power distribution, and control and supervision software.

With the award of this project, Alstef Group continues its long-term relationship as a trusted supplier and baggage handling system partner to Groupe ADP.

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Photo credits : Dmitry Avdeev