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Quality of service, responsiveness, and professionalism: Alstef Group makes a lasting commitment to its customers.

ALSTEF GROUP customer service

Advice and customer support

Each contract is an obligation of performance and is overseen by a dedicated Alstef Group account manager who is an expert in their field. The account manager coordinates all responses to the customer’s needs, reports on the technical performance of the installation, and anticipates the necessary actions in the event of a deviation – proposing solutions for improvement with full support from our design offices (mechanical, electrical, automation, IT).

System modifications and upgrades

Our automation installations must be able to easily evolve during their period of use according to customer needs and new control technologies (automation, IT, etc.). Alstef Group offers renovation, modernization, and extension services to maintain the availability of facilities and integrate future technological developments.

ALSTEF GROUP customer service

Analysis audits and system performance

Our logistics team supports you through system performance analysis audits and logistics studies which then translate into organizational advice, changes in IT and logistics rules, and even physical changes to the system.

Customer training

Alstef Group trains customer teams to enable them to get the best performance of the system.

Customer training

Supporting you and understanding the requirements of your business have been our core priority for over forty years.

A dedicated Training Center

The launch of our Training Center in 2018 is fully in line with our commitment to providing you with the best services and satisfying you on a daily basis.

Through our training offer, we intend to:

  • Support you in using our solutions, right from the start, so that you and your teams can make the most of their performance
  • Stay close to you and your employees, and ensure that your skills are maintained
  • Adapt to your specific needs and offer you an à la carte service


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A custom-made offer

We offer AGV-AMR support and training solutions perfectly tailored to your needs.

  • Getting Started modules are delivered as part of the initial commissioning of our AGV systems
  • Operating training modules are delivered throughout the life of your system


Our team will be happy to advise you, schedule training and answer any questions you may have.

Our maintenance offer

With vast experience in the realization and maintenance of automated systems, Alstef Group adapts its maintenance offer in order to maintain lower cost reliability, optimal performances, and increase the service life.


Optimization of system reliability

The implementation of a maintenance plan – adapted to the needs of the customer – guarantees optimal functioning of the system.

Cost reduction


Clearly defining and optimizing maintenance activities allows for better cost control.


Ease and time saving

Our experts work alongside you and allow you to focus only on your business. Our teams are ready for rapid interventions.

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Alstef Group offers a wide range of support contracts ranging from simple one-off visits, system management or periodic security audits and checks to the on-site presence of a dedicated team.

Our maintenance engineers support customers for:

  • Defining the maintenance policy,
  • Scoping the necessary resources,
  • Recruitment and training of the customer technical team,
  • The implementation of a CMMS and its configuration,
  • Technical assistance.

Our maintenance contracts

Alstef Group works with you to develop a customizable contract, including the maintenance services you need, for an adjustable period.

Our offers include, at your choice:

Preventive and corrective maintenance

A team of local technicians to assist with corrective or preventive maintenance operations.

Supply of spare and wear parts

Allowing you to be autonomous in the management of your installation, Alstef Group supports you with the provision of spare parts.

  • We ensure the storage of spare parts in our premises and the pooling of standard parts for rapid delivery, which minimizes your downtime.
  • We assist with the management of no-site critical parts which helps ensure the availability of your equipment.

In addition, our system will monitor the obsolescence of spare parts. We identify and qualify replacement components, build up stocks in order to avoid any production stoppage and, if applicable, keep you informed of any medium-term retrofit needs.


As part of a maintenance contract, and in order to guarantee the availability of automated systems, Alstef Group provides its customers with a 24/7 call center.

Our teams intervene by remote maintenance or by traveling directly to the site for one-off missions in all our areas of expertise: electricity, automation, mechanics or IT.

Remote maintenance

Our remote maintenance tools allow rapid and efficient intervention. In many cases, a resolution to an issue can be achieved remotely.

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