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Optimal reliability in the management of your flows for the most efficient production flow rates in the industry.


Continuous production

factory safety

Improved performance

Return on investment


Optimize your production lines

We secure the supply and evacuation of your lines through the availability and flexibility of our systems. Our solutions deliver just-in-time packaging items even over long distances.

Adapt and manage

Alstef Group solutions are perfectly adapted to the existing production lines of your site which allows the continuity of your activity during the installation of the system.

This is possible thanks to our system expertise and our software management system – OPAL.

OPAL offers you a wide range of useful functions required for your business:

  • quality sampling
  • setting quarantine: consignment of stocks and batches pending decision
  • identification and allocation of zones depending on the batches (with potential leaking bottles batches etc)
  • control of the functions of order preparations by layer or boxes/bins
Improve your stock and buffer management

The automation of the supply chain and storage processes allows you to optimize the volume of your warehouse via a centralized intelligent system while adapting to shipping constraints.

We adapt our systems to the rules of your business:

  • For items such as water, soft drinks, beers etc, the system is configured to ensure high speeds, limited time in the buffer, and periods of intense peak activity.
  • For long-maturing processes such as fine wines and spirits, priority can be given to large volumes and to limited rotations.

To meet the different needs for flow rates and volume, we use our wide range of equipment (stacker cranes, storage shuttles, Proxyshuttle, AGV …) which also allow the handling of various load types (pallets, boxes etc).

Control your shipments

Our systems provide you with optimal preparation of your shipments by ensuring:

  • Fast order preparation, ready to expedite once the truck is at the factory entry
  • Smoothing the shipping activities based on forecast activities
  • Sequencing, using our conveyor systems,  AGV solutions, or our shuttle systems.
Gain in safety

The control and accuracy of our equipment movements as well as their regulated speed allow:

  • To ensure the safety of your operators
  • To transport loads that are often heavy and sometimes unstable, while preserving their integrity

Case studies


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