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A flexible and complete system for variable activites

The logistics and distribution sector (including 3PLs) must adapt to an increasing variety of activity (flows, rates) but also of transported product types. The automation of your storage flows guarantees the preparation of orders on time, by optimizing movements and the overall management of your internal logistics.
Working conditions improvement

System flexibility and scalability

Cost reduction

productivity and profitability gains

Working conditions improvement

Improvement of working conditions

Flexible and responsive systems

We offer adaptable and responsive solutions to respond to:

  • seasonal variations in activity and promotional periods
  • last-minute changes in orders generating peaks of activity

We design the most flexible systems in order to adapt to the changing needs of clients and the variables that your site might encounter.

Moreover, we adapt our solutions to different transport modes (omnichannel): trailers, trucks, trains, containers etc. Our interfaces are designed to take into account unloading by four pallets, by two or individually.

Finally, our offer is not limited to the implementation of a solution: we support you during the life of the installation by proposing a service by a maintenance team, detached from your site.

Managing your flows

Our solutions manage all the flows of your site:

  • transfer to reconciliation areas for co-packing and order preparation
  • cross-docking activity
  • the transfer flows of dumpsters and empty pallets stacks, directly due to order picking.

The handling of all these flows allows the operators to focus on tasks with higher added value .

Embedded security and our intelligent software suite ensure the safe functioning of our AGV and AMR around your operators, pedestrians, or forklift drivers.

Virtual truck preparation can be done in mixed modes: manual and/or automatic.

accurate order processing

Our order preparation solutions integrate into all stations and meet your requirements for both product and activity variability.

Depending on your criteria, the preparation modes may require different degrees of automation: we adapt our concepts, which can combine robotic, manual or mechanized stations, in order to meet your performance needs but also according to your Return On Investment principles.

Our OPAL software solution :

  • we respect the rules of constitution of the prepared pallets which control your preparation of orders
  • we guarantee the scheduling of loads on the preparations for expeditions so as to perfectly be compliant with the truck routes.
Storage automation

We support logistics providers by offering at the heart of their existing buildings the most universal solution possible to meet the requirements of customer changes, with a very strong notion of activity multi-product and multi-customers .

We choose and size solutions on your site to meet all needs: batch size , responsiveness of goods entry and exit, management of low, medium or high turnover product flows, quarantine, inventories

For this, we rely on a wide range of technologies: Storage AGV (GT16, GLR), stacker cranes, storage shuttles, etc.

the Security

Safety is an essential aspect in the activity of a distribution center. Our AGVs & AMRs have embedded safety features and an intelligent management system designed to safely operate within the high-traffic activity of a logistics center.

Our system expertise allows us to offer solutions that implement principles and equipment ensuring maximum safety for your operators.


“The solution proposed by the Alstef Group teams allowed us to gradually replace the old AGV fleet so as to guarantee that flows will continue to operate automatically without hampering or delaying shipments. In addition, as a customer since 1996, we know the reliability and responsiveness of the Alstef Group teams and have been able to appreciate the life-span of their AGVs. “

Francois Recher

Logistics project manager, STEF

“The installation of a system by AGV to manage the docking of our pallets allows our operators to avoid traveling long distances, which is particularly penalizing during empty returns. The implementation of this new tool has already shown its efficiency and promises a rapid return on investment. “

Pierre-Yves Gaillard

Engineering Project Manager, U Log


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