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an end-to-end intralogistics software suite

Operating Platform ALstef Group

OPAL supports you in the operation of your site by managing all logistics flows and your order preparations through a unique managing platform.

Loading truck shipping

Reception and storage


Line-side supply


end of line evacuation



Raw materials

order preparations

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OPAL, a modular approach around a main WCS

OPAL is based on a secure, interoperable and scalable architecture to bring you more performance and optimization in real time on your intralogistics installations.

OPAL Control a real conductor for optimizing storage, AGV fleet, transit and order preparation management.

Analytics includes management dashboards and analytical functions with KPI’s and operational reports

Notifications allows you to be alerted in real-time, of functional and technical incidents and risks in your installation

IT monitoring, available to your IT or monitoring department, detects IT problems on servers, networks, databases



Service quality

  • Elimination of preparation errors
  • Traceability of end-to-end products and flows

Lead times reduction

  • Short deadlines targets
  • Flow Synchronization and lean-tasks scheduling


Economic performance

  • Real-time optimized scheduling and management
  • Control of the stock level for each type of product

Services customization

Consideration of distribution channels specificities: lead time, picking method, value-added services, etc.


Connectivity and visibility

Connection with other information systems (WMS, ERP, MES…) to participate in global-vision intralogistics and beyond


  • Certification ISO 9001 & ANSSI recommendations
  • Security By Design approach
  • Redundant architecture

OPAL optimizes all the movements of handling equipment, taking into account your business rules and constraints.

This warehouse management system combines the management of all intralogistics operations in a single application and offers a global view of your flows to monitor your site’s activity in real time.

Optimisation du stockage

Ergonomic and secure user interfaces


Dynamic synoptic display of installations, movements and loads

Réduction des coûts

Smart system to optimize your warehouse management

intralogistics- warehouse solutions automated storage

Stock management

OPAL offers many useful features for managing automated storage:


  • Weight and dimensions control
  • Locations and rotation classes management
  • Product characteristics management
  • Reorganization
  • Management of stacker cranes
  • Product management by batches
  • Use-by dates management (best-before dates…)
  • Full traceability of loads
  • Real-time mapping of storage
  • Consignations management
  • Batch locking / unlocking for quality control and quarantine
  • History of movements
AGV Alstef Group

AGV-AMR fleet management

Our AGV-AMR fleet management module optimizes AGV movements according to all the events of your installation:


  • Management of flows and crossings between AGVs, maximizing movements combinations
  • Assignment of missions to AGVs according to their status and location on the installation but also according to the required reactivity criteria
  • Remote control of AGVs, visualization of their status
  • Guidance of AGVs on their layout
  • Consideration of environmental constraints (height limit, slow down, etc.)
  • Optimized management of recharging or changing batteries
  • Real-time connection with the intelligences of your site (ERP, WMS, MES, PLCs, etc.) for better synchronization of movements
  • Synoptic: real-time visualization of the complete AGV fleet but also of the physical interfaces
  • Replay function to analyze a period of your activity

Order preparation management

OPAL an optimize the performance of your order preparation whether manual or robotized:

  • Preparation of orders by robot on the pallet, by homogeneous layer, or by package
  • Preparation of pallet orders in Goods-to-Person
  • Products addition or picking on the load at the operator station
  • Pick-to-Pallet, Pick-to-Belt functions

Our algorithms allow optimized preparation adapted to your rules and your products, particularly:

  • Management of quantities , quarantines and inventories
  • Packages sequencing on the pallet
  • Management of dates per customer
  • Management of contracts on date and non-returns date
  • Respect for the rules of non-mix of products on the pallet
  • Pallets sequencing management
  • Product management by batches
  • Management of use-by dates (Best before date…)
  • Sampling for quality control
  • The weight control ensuring process reliability
  • Management of VAS (Value Added Services) at the station
      alstef conveyor

      Transitic management


      • Management of transitics (conveyors, shuttles, robots, etc.), routing
      • Scheduling, balancing and optimization of flows
      • Management of anomalies and rejections
      • Control by external software (WMS, ERP, MES) or manual
      • Traceability

      Operating assistance modules

      Around the main WCS, three modules complete the solution offering a functional coverage rich in execution and management


      Real-time dashboard, KPI and reporting

      • Multigraphy dashboards, configurable by the user
      • Production indicators display in real time
      • Data historicization for trend analysis
      • Standard indicator pack
      • Additional specific indicators
      • Open Data: access to source data according to your existing tool


      Real-time notifications on functional and technical events

      • Viewing alerts by category
      • Acknowledgment, filtering
      • Management of configurable priorities
      • Push email or mobile mode
      • Viewing details of a history alert


      Incident follow-up and IT resolution

      • Monitoring of IT resources necessary for the proper functioning of the system
      • Alerts
      • Detection of problems on servers, networks and databases
      • Open and easily integrated

      A customized support

      OPAL is a solution developed, integrated and maintained 100% by Alstef Group experts.

      All our teams are mobilized to bring you the most efficient, agile and scalable solution.

      System Expertise

      The Alstef Group IT team works hand in hand with the business team and the pre-project team during the design of your system.

      Through the analysis of your needs, processes, data and performance criteria, we design a customized solution that provides you with a global logistics system adapted to your specificities.

      Simulations and emulations

      In order to understand your needs and propose the best solution during the project, we use an emulation tool to validate the software deliverable, in interaction with the equipment but also with your information systems.

      We validate the performance of the designed flow on the whole system in a realistic context.