AGV & AMR - Automated Guided Vehicle


AGV & AMR, intelligent mobile robots

AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) optimize your logistics performance by moving and storing loads safely in your factories and warehouses.

Storage optimization

Productivity gain

Reduced operating costs

Cost reduction


Fast return on investment

factory safety

Guaranteed safety of people, processes and loads


Optimal operation 24/7

Goods receipt

Storage capacities optimization

Alstef Group’s AGV: a tailor-made automated guided vehicle range


  • Complete control of the design, manufacturing, and commissioning process
  • A solution adapted to your flows, load types, and your environment
  • Perfect control of the processes
  • Allows for expanded capacity of your installation
  • Technical teams offering long-term support for your installation
  • Highly durable machines with up to 45,000 hours lifespan
  • Total control with geolocation technologies and navigation systems
  • Supervised by our fleet management module, our AGVs provide the required performance and responsiveness for the long-term operation of your installation

AGVs – AMRs: a complete material handling system

Flow management at all levels of your manufacturing, warehousing and distribution process


Our autonomous robots can handle receiving flows of raw materials or packaging items, from docks to one or more buffer storages.


Our AGV systems secure the storage of all loads in your warehouse: buffer storage for lines infeed, downstream stocks of production lines to supply either order preparation or shipping docks.

Pallet transfers

Our automated guides vehicles manage pallets transfers between the different areas of your factory or distribution center: line supply and evacuation, manual or robotized production workshops, automated storage service (AS / RS).

Preparation of shipments

Our AGV and AMR range can manage the flows of loads from storage, order picking or directly from the production lines; our AGV systems ensure the punctuality of truck departures thanks to our supervision and our associated WMS modules.

Our AGV and AMR range


We particularly appreciated Alstef Group’s project management, specially as far as installation prerequisites and risk management are concerned, a definite asset for the success of this project. Every day, we note Alstef Group’s AGVs speed in their operations, the agility of the system and its reactivity which allow the Vienne’s site to achieve high performances. ”

Mr. Vierne

Technical Manager, Candia Vienna Factory

“The solution proposed by the Alstef Group teams makes it possible to replace the old AGV fleet gradually and thus guarantee that our flows will continue to operate automatically without hampering or delaying shipments. In addition, as a customer since 1996, we know the reliability and responsiveness of the Alstef Group teams and have been able to appreciate the high life span of their AGVs. “

François Recher

Logistics project manager , Stef

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