AUTOSTORE – Order Preparation

Maximum density


The AutoStore system guarantees the highest density – goods-to-man system on the market.


AutoStore can be configured to customer requirements for performance, building configuration, integrability into the existing logistics processes – by upstream and downstream adaptations – and also in storage capacity.


Does your installation evolve over time? AutoStore can supports you in the evolution of your site. You can easily increase the size of your storage and the number of robots as your business grows.



With a global average availability of 99.6 %, AutoStore is the most efficient storage and order picking system.

Order preparation with AutoStore ®

Orders preparation by item or package, the AutoStore system offers you a tailor-made solution among the best on the market.

A unique principle

AutoStore is a high-density storage and order picking system. It consists of a storage structure, in which bins are stacked on top of each other. Preparation and reception stations are placed at the periphery of the system, supplemented by a fleet of robots that move on the top of the structure. 

The robots unstack the bins to bring them as close as possible to the operator stations. AutoStore has its own control system which allows it to interface with any WMS on the market. 

AutoStore robots
autostore robot alstef

An adaptable system

The AutoStore system is easily scalable, whether in terms of storage capacity or preparation flows. This scalability makes it possible to adapt to growing customer needs and to dimension the installation as accurately as possible. It fits equally well into new or existing buildings, thus adapting to the complete logistics process already in place.AutoStore also fits perfectly into the global solutions offered by Alstef Group, at the heart of your order preparation.

Optimal ergonomics

“Goods-to-person” workstations can be located all around the storage structure.

The ergonomics of the workstations increase operator comfort, limit travel and picking errors.

autostore picking

The bins

The bins used have been specially designed to meet the needs of the AutoStore® system.

Each bin can store a maximum load of 30 kg and offers several heights and various materials (including HD-PE and antistatic PE-ESD).

It is also possible to compartmentalize the bins for more flexibility.

Designed to withstand their use over time, the stacked bins can reach 5.4 meters in height.

The robots

The robots that circulate on the structure carry out storage and retrieval operations from the bins above.

Using specific grippers, they serve the various operator stations.

The number of robots is sized according to the flows to be processed.


We have selected AutoStore, distributed by Alstef Group, which corresponds exactly to our requirements in this area. We are very happy with the way it went.

We have decided, to meet the needs of our market, to look for automated systems which allow us to increase our production performance in terms of picking and order preparation. We have doubled our productivity on these posts.

This system was also selected for the qualities it had in terms of evolution. We currently have a system that has 15,000 bins, on which we can add 50% of capacity. For us, it is this capacity for evolution that interested us in order to be able to follow the evolution of our customers’ orders in the future.

Philippe Boyé

Director, Paul Boyé Technologies

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