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Articulated robots

Recognized for their high performance and flexibility, articulated robots can be tailored to the requirements of the installation.

Layers picking

Depending on the type of product to be sampled, we offer robotic arms equipped with an appropriate gripper for the transfer of one or more layers simultaneously from a mother pallet to one or more daughter pallets. Designed for optimal space occupancy, and connected to suitable transit systems, our robotic preparation solutions provide robust performance. Highly suitable for handling homogeneous layers, they offer high speeds of up to 180 layers per hour. Depending on the application, our robot solutions can include additional functionality such as clamping, suction, and vacuum functions.

Hung shuttles
box preparation robot

Boxes picking

In all industries where possible, Alstef Group offers articulated robots for picking from the package (boxes, packs, etc). They allow the production of bursting and palletizing systems and ensure high speeds up to 600 boxes/hour.

Cartesian robots and tower robots

Depending on the use cases, Alstef Group offers order preparation solutions with alternative products:

Cartesian robot

These products ensure moderate flows for a large number of references to be managed. They allow precision, reliability, and rigidity.

Robot towers

These robots allow adaptation to small areas and depalletizing applications.

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