Order Picking


Optimal ergonomics for the construction of your daughter pallets

Ergonomics and leveling

Gradual pallet leveling


Quick evacuation of the daughter pallet


Assistance for pallets construction by HMI


Reduction of preparation errors

Preparation well

A system of elevators allows operators to move on a fully dedicated mezzanine for picking action and offers maximum safety, while all the logistics of transferring the mother pallets are carried out automatically on the lower floor. This solution optimizes the volume of your building and brings versatility to operator activities.

The elevators make it possible to place the mother pallets on either side of the daughter pallet, for easier handling of the packages.

With the preparation wells, you benefit from a continuity of supply of products from the mother pallets via side elevators and maximum ergonomics for transferring packages, by sliding them from one pallet to another.

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Front-end preparation stations

The front stations are perfectly integrated into the transfer network of your preparation installation.

Lift tables allow the progressive leveling of the mother pallets as they are consumed and also gradual leveling of the daughter pallet during its constitution cycle.

Their compactness optimizes the area allocated to order picking.

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