Automated Storage


Alstef Group – 60 years of experience in automated storage


Improved inventory and flow management

Storage optimization

Optimized storage volume

Cost reduction

Reduced operating costs


Respect your products' integrity

Working conditions improvement

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Automated Pallet Storage

Alstef Group designs and manufactures turnkey, tailor-made automated warehouses, capable of managing entry and exit flows by integrating current constraints and logistics data, offering intelligent solutions capable of evolving and anticipating future issues.

Alstef Group can draw on a wide range of high-bay storage systems to design the automated warehouse best suited to your needs: stacker cranes, AGV storage systems for very narrow aisles, or shuttles.

Stacker cranes

Since implementing its first storage system with stacker cranes in France, Alstef Group has commissioned more than 1000 stacker cranes in many industry sectors.

Our stacker crane storage solutions are available for:

  • Mass storage, before or after a plant’s production, or at the heart of a distribution platform
  • Buffer stock, connected to a picking area or prior to a shipping area.

These systems ensure high flows associated with a high storage density.

Shuttle Systems

Storage shuttles are available for fast movement of standardized batches while offering great compactness.

These performances are achieved through several key advantages:

  • the mother and child shuttle solution manages multi-depth channels designed to fit the batch size requirements,
  • multiple patents grant the perfect pallets & machines traceability anytime, improving performances and reliability.

Storage AGVs

The flexibility of storage AGVs allows them to fit into existing buildings.

They can provide:

  • mass storage in traditional shelving, drive-in, or on the ground.
  • the core buffer storage
  • the buffers prior to shipping preparations

The GT16, tri-directional AGV operates in very narrow aisles (VNA) and the GLR, AGV with retractable forks, is compatible with other AGVs,  conveyor systems, or shuttle loops in order to offer an optimal complete solution.


Developed by Alstef Group, Proxyshuttle offers significant compactness associated with great reactivity. It can fulfill many roles:

  • buffer upstream or downstream of production lines
  • buffer stock and sequencing loads prior to robotic order picking or preparation of shipments on docks

Storage of bins or boxes

Alstef Group offers integrated systems, fully adapted and scalable, for the storage of bins and boxes.

Single or multiple depth stacker cranes, or cardboard shuttle systems can optimize your order preparation.

Alstef Group offers tailored integration ensuring all upstream and downstream operations as a complete turnkey solution.

The bin and cardboard storage solutions will often be integrated into a global solution including pallet storage and all the associated transitics.