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Order picking


From package to pallet

Alstef Group offers comprehensive solutions for order picking by layer or package. Robotic preparation not only takes care of the flows of mother and daughter pallets but also of the interlayers pallets, empty pallets stacks, and any potential stripping operations.

Layers picking

Robotic preparation ensures high volumes of preparation with high flow rates.

The mother pallets are transported to an articulated or cartesian robot to be depalletized in homogenous layers to form daughter pallets.

The system provides a range of material handling equipment – conveyors or AGVs– allowing to respond to any peaks of preparation.

Alstef Group has developed a unique station concept ensuring many types of preparation: rainbow, sandwich, chimney, etc…

Our algorithms allow preparations adapted to your rules and your products, in particular:

  • quantities management
  • parcel scheduling on the pallet with our “daughter pallet calculation” module
  • respects rules of non-mix of products on the pallet
  • pallet sequencing management
  • management of interlayers
  • management of topping to maximize the use of mother pallets.

Package order picking

The order preparation of packages constitutes heterogeneous layers. When the quantity of product ordered does not constitute a complete homogeneous layer, the package picking station allows packages of different dimensions and masses to be placed on the same layer.

Alstef Group offers several package preparation solutions, based on conveyors and pallet lifting equipment.

The strengths of this Goods-To-Person solution:

  • Packages of diverse shapes
  • Palletization according to the weight and robustness of the packages
  • Reliability of picking operations
  • Ergonomic workstations

Bring agility to your preparation thanks to LOADSTAR

Alstef Group offers its latest innovation in the world of order preparation.


This solution, which benefits from all the power and intelligence of management and piloting of the OPAL software suite, uses AGV-AMR technology to bring agility in the pallets flows at the center of your order preparation.

Loadstar’s added value exists at all levels:

  • Surface gain: thanks to the Loadstar’s evolution compactness and the control rules, you can gain up to 20% of surface compared to a traditional system
  • Flexibility: your activity may change over time: you can modify the configuration of the preparation area with limited costs and in a controlled time.
  • Scalability: in case of activity variation, you can add or remove one or more Loadstars
  • Add efficiency to your promotional operations: positions can be temporarily added/reallocated to meet specific preparations for a seasonal operation

From item to package

Our strength as an integrator to service of your package preparation

Alstef Group designs package preparation solutions by integrating the best technologies on the market. We conceptualize the package handling, sequencing, and storage network around our preparation solutions.

We provide solutions for goods to person or goods to robot, which can take very different forms depending on your needs.


Our solutions in pictures

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