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Automated management of your on-line flows


Ensure full traceability of your products


Improve the performance of your site


productivity gains

Supplying the edges of the line

From the reception or storage areas, our systems guarantee an efficient and uninterrupted supply of your line edges by:

  • Components
  • Raw materials
  • Packaging items
  • Consumables
  • Empty pallets
  • Empty waste bins …

Whether by AGV & AMR, conveying system, or shuttle loops, our transitic solutions adapt to your environment and your requirements.

Evacuation of edges of production lines

The end of the production line represents an area where flows are varied and speeds are often very high. Our automated systems allow you to maintain production rates ranging from a few units to several hundred pallets per hour. Our solutions provide all types of transfers:

  • Evacuation of finished products from palletizers
  • Integration with the film-wrapping, wrapping, and wrapping units
  • Feeding storage or buffer areas
  • Supply of shipping areas
  • Management of waste streams (skips, palboxes, etc.) to compactors or recyclers
  • Return of broken items to stock, etc

The transfer of finished or semi-finished products is often a delicate task in the production process. Alstef Group guarantees the integrity of your loads may be fragile and unstable at a stage where they are not yet filmed or covered.