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Engineering of a complete automated solution.

For decades, Alstef Group has designed, manufactured and installed internal logistics flow management solutions for distribution centers and production sites. The major players in the warehousing and distribution industries trust us to carry out their automation projects .

Alstef Group fully understands its customers’ processes and facilitates the overall management of solution concept, design and through to the completion of an installation. Our job is to meet all of our customers’ flow and storage needs, by developing a system that will provide a complete logistics solution made of technologies fitted to specific customer requirements and responding to their objectives and changes in their activity.

Logistics analysis & emulations

Our extensive experience and knowledge of industrial processes are the core of our pre-sales and project management activities. We consult and design master plans, functional descriptions, drawings and create simulations that will allow you to assess your future system in its environment.

A turnkey system

A key strength of Alstef Group is to not only to manage your intralogistics specifications, but to bring you a global ‘turnkey’ solution to automate all the flows of your site: transitics (AGV, conveyor systems, shuttles etc), storage (stacker crane, AGV, shuttles etc) and order preparations (robotized or manual).

Concept design of AGVs and workflow automation systems

Our vast experience as an integrator has enabled us to identify the key essential design targets in order to control the entire life-cycle of an installation. Our AGVs, our conveying systems, our shuttles, elevators, and picking stations are designed and manufactured in our factories by our teams with extensive know-how in mechanics, mechatronics, electricity, IT, and safety. We can also develop customized solutions in order to meet your own specific needs and adapt to specific types of loads.

A complete software suite

With the OPAL software suite (Operating Platform ALstef Group), we master all the functionalities and modules for optimal management of your flows. OPAL allow us to respond to your specific requirements and adapt the system to your processes by managing storage, AGV fleet, transit and order preparation . Our analysis tools allow you to monitor and improve the overall performance of your installation.

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