Alstef Group unveils its latest AGV-AMR innovation - Alstef Group

Alstef Group designs and manufactures a wide range of AGVs and AMRs to support the automation of production and distribution flows, as well as storage in factories and warehouses. Investing in R&D, Alstef Group is constantly seeking to meet its customers’ needs by enriching its offer with innovative and efficient solutions. Thus, one of the latest technological evolutions developed by the group is the natural localization, also called contour localization.

Contour localization enables AGVs to navigate through their surroundings using only the geometry of their environment. To do this, a map of the building is made beforehand. Using this map and by scanning the surrounding environment, the robots can locate themselves and move in real time within the warehouse.

Reliable and robust, the technology is able to operate in any building geometry. This on-board intelligence provides precision, flexibility and adaptability in highly dynamic environments or where there is a high level of cohabitation with operators and forklift drivers.

The system also offers great flexibility and versatility as it does not require the installation of location equipment such as reflectors, which need to be maintained or replaced in case of deterioration. This reduces infrastructure costs, while increasing the level of maintainability of the installation, as well as its scalability over the long term.

This new solution is also capable of working in conjunction with other tracking systems. In this hybrid operating model using a combination of contour and laser localization, AGVs can choose the tracking mode best suited to their route.

The entire range now benefits from this innovation, which has been successfully implemented at numerous sites commissioned in recent months.