Maintenance Engineering - Alstef Group


Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for comprehensive asset management

Benefits of an Alstef Group CMMS

management of maintenance schedules


tracking work in progress


Customisable Monitoring Indicators

easy to use intuitive graphical interface

Application available for smartphone/tablet

A Suite of Maintenance Engineering Tools

Alstef Group has several maintenance engineering tools with the primary tool being our Computer-Assisted Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)  CarlSource.

Featuring a variety of functionalities, our CMMS allows tracking and planning of maintenance schedules and monitoring of works in progress relating to the baggage handling system.  It can also facilitate the management of spare parts stock including inventories, entries/exits, purchases, etc, and the management of both material and human resources.

The dashboard can display all desired indicators in an easy-to-interpret graphical form. The solution allows for the dematerialization of maintenance activity follow-up via touch tablets and smartphones with a dedicated maintenance application allowing our technicians to directly enter the preventive and corrective maintenance records and to also trigger follow-up of spare parts inventory requirements.