Moving Walkways - Alstef Group



Ideal for use in aquariums and entertainment complexes.

The Powerwalk is a moving endless walkway capable of multiple configurations due to its crescent-shaped conveying surface. This unique design allows for layout flexibility as it can transport people around gentle curves. This gives a smooth and safe ride for large volumes of customers.

Its modular design allows for quick construction, build capacity, and the ability for high customization. The double row spring-loaded wheel construction offers generous load capacity and low maintenance operation.

Along with emergency stop devices, the Powerwalk utilizes an intrusion detection system that ensures that people are protected as they exit. The control system will automatically stop the Powerwalk if it detects interference within the intrusion zone.

Consisting of a high-grade galvanized steel framework and robust crescent-shaped walkway pallets, the Powerwalk is built to last. With simplistic componentry and proven in its performance, it requires only minimal maintenance and servicing.

2020 -Dubai World Expo – USA Pavillion
 2019 – Marine Kingdom Powerwalk, Chennai, India
2018 – Sun Asia Ocean World Dalian, China
2014 – Oceanic Pavilion China
2014 – Theme Pavilion China
2011 – Sentosa GlideWalk Singapore
2010 – Shanghai Expo GlideWalk China
2009 – Bayrampasa Aquarium Turkey
2008 – VinPearl Aquarium Vietnam
2006 – Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World New Zealand
2006 – St. Petersburg Glidewalk Russia
2005 – Kuala Lumpur Glidewalk Malaysia
2004 – Urumqi City Aquarium China
2002 – Qingdao Aquarium China
2002 – Napier Aquarium New Zealand
2002 – Kazakhstan Storm City Aquarium Khazakhstan
2001 – Shanghai Underwater World China
1999 – Changsha Powerwalk China
1999 – Qin Huang Dao Glidewalk China
1998 – Blue Planet Aquarium Ellesmere Port  England
1998 – Beijing Glidewalk Beijing
1997 – Xiamen Aquarium China
1997 – Gong Ti Aquarium Beijing
1996 – Nanjing Aquarium Nanjing
1995 – Dalian Jheng Maiersuo Oceanworld China
1995 – Kattegat Centre Denmark
1993 – Deep Sea World Edinburgh
1993 – Australian Pavilion Taejon Expo Korea
1990 – Sentosa Underwater World Singapore
1989 –  Mooloolaba Underwater World Australia
1988 – Darling Harbour Aquarium Australia
1987 – New Zealand Pavilion Expo 88 Australia
1985 – Sydney Hillary Harbour Aquarium Australia
1985 – Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World New Zealand