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EXPERIENCED IN Bombay, linear or loop cross-belt, shoe, tray, multi-belt, modular, and swivel-wheel sorter solutions

  • Over 50+ years of experience in materials handling
  • Strong understanding of market needs, technologies, and solutions
  • Comprehensive knowledge of sorter technologies
  • Nimble and responsive to customer’s needs and timelines

Alstef Group has experience integrating all types of sorters such as bombay, linear or loop cross-belt, shoe, tray, multi-belt, modular, and swivel-wheel sorter solutions.

We work with a range of industry partners to ensure we deliver the optimal solution to our customers.

Alstef Group partners with Falcon Autotech to sell, distribute and integrate their Cross Belt Sorter (CBS). The Falcon CBS offers one of the highest belt-to-width ratios allowing for handling larger products (up to 450Lx600Wx500H) without compromising throughput. The Falcon CBS also includes line item centering, to reduce chute pitch which gives the ability to discharge items anywhere along the track – increasing chute density. Offering single or double-decked, linear, or loop options, the Falcon CBS is highly versatile and efficient.



Multiple Label Placement Options

Our fully integrated labeling solutions include label media management, data management software, applicators and printer heads, barcode readers, and a sustainable ‘linerless’ option.

Multi-Axis Printer Applicator Solution (MAPs) provide the ability to vary the application of a label along 2-axis. Labels can be applied to avoid existing bar codes or cover existing labels on the top of cartons regardless of orientation and carton justification.

We offer several options for creating the capabilities you need, with a dedicated team of engineers that can custom design the ideal solution for label printing and application, including an array of techniques for application to ensure that all of your labeling needs are handled properly.

Our solutions feature intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces that are easy to operate, allowing you to reduce operator error, eliminate downtime, and ensure that your packages or products are labeled properly and efficiently so that you can add that to your ever-improving brand image. You will be able to customize everything, too.

Many businesses have special requirements for their labels, including timestamps, serialization information, and other details that separate one product from the next. This kind of labeling is harder to find or may be considered a premium, but it’s not that much of an additional expense when you implement an automated printing and labeling solution that can do it for you.

We also work with clients who have to deal with labeling compliance for the various needs of your business. Compliance labeling is a different product entirely, generally consisting of the label size and placement, readability of the barcode, and the stacking or sorting order. This can be a system of its own, or it can be built into your conveyor belts or existing automated assembly line operation.



We integrate leading third-party DWS equipment ensuring systems are legal-for-trade and designed to maximize weight, volume, and scan rate accuracy.

We can supply and integrate a wide range of static and dynamic DWS equipment from camera to laser, 1-sided to 6-sided tunnels, capable of scanning 1D and 2D barcodes. Our software will receive, interpret and collate barcode, parcel dimension, and weight information and configure it into a format suitable for integration with your host IT systems.


To increase efficiency and productivity while reducing expenses and wasted resources,  Dimension,Weigh, and Scan (DWS) systems are a sophisticated technology that provides a host of results-driven benefits for logistics and parcel handling businesses. Because of their efficiency and accuracy, they produce a swift return on investment for companies looking to streamline their operations.

Aside from their quick ROI, Dimension Weigh and Scan systems can also help reduce transport costs by transmitting data to analytical systems and helping to optimize trailer loading. Utilizing this information can be critical to minimizing errors and increasing productivity, resulting in significant savings on transportation expenses.

Dimension, Weigh, and Scan systems can even improve the overall customer experience. Because they continually verify accuracy and perform real-time comparisons against expectations, these systems can decrease item returns which helps foster customer loyalty and enhances satisfaction.


Providing intricate and fully integrated solutions for industries like parcel distribution, E-commerce, logistics, retailers, and more, DWS offers significant advantages and unique advancements for package handling operations. Not only can the DWS system identify the weight, dimension, and barcode data of packages, but it can also adjust the transportation charges as well, all in real time.

Additionally, DWS systems communicate directly with Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems to transmit crucial package data, which is vital for fast-moving and elaborate warehouse and inventory operations. DWS systems also employ package and content imaging, as well as capture package data and provide accuracy verification for its weight, size, and barcode information.

Innovative Software

Our suite of Flexible Automation Solution Tools (FAST) deliver the latest in configurable, complete solutions for package handling. This software allows vital data to be shared with the DWS system, as well as many of our other solutions, like Label Print and Apply systems, to ensure optimization of inventory and aid with accuracy.

Key Features
  • Complete highly configurable solution
  • Including dimensioners, scales, barcode readers, controls, and software
  • In-motion dimensioning for both cuboidal and irregular packages
  • In motion weight of cartons, parcels, flats, and bags
  • Scan 1D/2D barcodes on single or multiple sides aligned or randomly oriented
  • Certified Legal-For-Trade
  • E-Commerce stock receiving
  • 3-PL automated and cross-docking
  • Warehouse and distribution center receiving


Automated Picking from Operator Chutes or Containers

Using accurate and alert robots equipped with end effectors, vision systems, and AI software, robotic induction can ease the burden on human labor for any highly repetitive task.

The robot is paired with a reputable industrial 3D vision system to create a fully integrated hardware and software solution that includes perception, manipulation, and intelligence. A remote operator supports multiple robots simultaneously if exceptions occur. The robot responds in seconds and makes the system smarter. 


The Flow Projector enables faster manual sortation, and more precise decision-making allowing for more parcels to be handled within the same time frame. The concept is rather simple. 
The Flow Projector identifies a parcel’s destination by reading its barcode and then projects the number of its sorting destination directly onto the parcel with a laser beam. By tracking the movement of the parcel, the Flow Projector is able to keep the projected number continuously on the parcel until it is collected from the conveyor.


  • Complete solution for automated scanning
  • Six-sided automated scanning
  • Image recognition for identification with barcode
  • Eliminates handheld or manual scanning
  • Stand Alone or Integrated operation

Regardless if you’re running a fulfillment center, warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility, the chances are that you measure both time and productivity not in days or hours, but in seconds. streamlining your operations and improving their efficiency can save your company valuable time and money, helping to add to your bottom line. With our Automated Scanning equipment, you’ll do precisely that.

Quickly and correctly identifying packages is critical for inventory induction to ensure that the proper information and other relevant data is captured and used to route these parcels to their appropriate locations. By reading any type of linear barcodes accurately, our Automated Scanners can significantly improve your operations by reducing errors which cost valuable time and resources. Because it decreases inaccuracies, it can also increase customer satisfaction, leading to enhanced relationships with clients.


Our Automated Scanning solutions are fully integrated systems able to quickly and accurately scan all six sides of an item or package using sophisticated technology that can be equipped with the patented ViPR image recognition software. This helps it to recognize and identify barcodes, even when they’re smudged, damaged, or simply not present.

Not only does our Automated Scanning equipment recognize indistinguishable or inaccessible barcodes, but it also eliminates the need for any type of manual or handheld scanning, which can be more prone to errors and requires more time. As a modular solution, Automated Scanning equipment can be implemented using minimum floor space, and can be easily integrated with in-motion scales for added efficiency, as with our Automated Receiving solutions. These systems also provide full reporting and diagnostics functionality.


Our suite of Flexible Automation Solution Tools (FAST) offers integrated and complete solutions for all facets of materials handling, including scanning and induction. We employ this suite with many of our solutions which allows for seamless communication between all components, leading to a dramatic increase in productivity at your facility.

Automated Receiving


Automation Receiving systems are a fully integrated and complete solution with barcode scanning, label printers, applicators, and conveyors that improve accuracy and reduce errors associated with manual processing.

A key benefit of an automated receiving system is the ability to cross-dock by labeling individual parcels with an outbound label. This allows the parcels to be fed onto a conveyor system that feeds an outbound sortation system. The parcels are unloaded onto the receiving system by an associate, fed through an automated receiving system, and directly onto an outbound conveyor system. They are then delivered to a trailer, and an associate loads the parcel onto a truck. With a total of only two touches by associates and minimal time in the distribution center, the parcel to be delivered to the store quickly and more efficiently.

Automating the receiving process has a long list of additional benefits, including decreasing truck unload times and therefore reducing labor costs at the dock. It also eliminates human error and allows for precise and accurate assessment of inventory. The use of unattended Label Print & Apply equipment expands the benefits gained from material handling equipment and further expedites operations.

Whether stand-alone or an integrated solution, an Automated Receiving solution can save on labor costs and increase efficiency, with fewer errors.

Main Features
  • Automatically record incoming items
  • Label & sort for movement to the proper location
  • Stand-alone or integrated operation
  • Customizable turnkey system
  • Cross-docking capabilities
  • Ergonomic loading assist
  • E-Commerce stock receiving
  • 3-PL automated and cross-docking
  • Warehouse and distribution center receiving

autonomous sortation robots


Autonomous Sorting Systems use a configurable fleet of mobile robots (Rovers) for sorting of parcels. Rovers navigate from the ‘input area’ to their allocated sorting destination with very minimal human interaction providing a flexible and dynamic, low-risk solution.

Robot fleets can be easily moved between facilities with minimal set up and have no single point of failure unlike a traditional sorter. If a robot breaks down the other robots will continue to function while repairs are carried out.


The Logistics Carousels

Carousels are a cost effective means of circulating freight around multiple manual sort locations. Our carousels can be installed as a stand-alone (load/unload) option or as a sort destination forming part of a larger automated or manual system.

We have a range of solutions available for any requirement or situation, incorporating positive caterpillar chain drive in our endless loop systems. High-capacity inclined dispensers are available for large volume applications, with crescent shape pallet loop conveyors for low to medium density applications. Our multi-path slat conveyors can decline or incline across different floor levels – perfect for facilities with raised docks.

belt conveyor


We manufacture our own range of belt conveyor products designed specifically for the parcel handling industry. The parcel handling belt conveyor product stems from our tried and tested baggage handling belt conveyor, with an additional focus on parcel transitions and operator ergonomics.

Our parcel handling belt conveyors are extremely heavy-duty and designed to handle all types of products from larger, heavier cardboard boxes to smaller, fragile poly-bags (satchels).

Our logistics belt conveyor range consists of:

  • Metering Conveyor
  • Merge Conveyor
  • Transport Conveyor
  • Power Curve Conveyor