Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport - Russia​ - Alstef Group


Terminal B at MOSCOW Sheremetyevo was part of a major modernization and expansion project, ALSTEF designed, manufactured, and installed the complete baggage handling system to cater for an annual capacity of 15 million passengers.

About this Project

  • Location: Moscow, Russia
  • Terminal B awarded in 2015, 
    ALSTEF contractor, Beumer Group supplied one Tilt-tray sorter
  • Terminal C awarded in 2018,
    ALSTEF contractor, Beumer Group supplied one Tilt-tray sorter




After supplying the Baggage Handling System for the new Passenger Terminal at Nizhny Novgorod Airport in 2015, ALSTEF GROUP  was chosen to supply the Baggage Handling System (BHS) for the new Terminal B in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, which is the largest Airport in Russia, and is host to the Aeroflot hub. The new Terminal B was part of a major modernization and expansion project at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport that included an automatic people mover, and a baggage transportation system between the Terminals. It is dedicated to domestic flights and became operational at the beginning of 2018.


This BHS is a “state of the art” system. It includes automatic baggage security screening, automatic baggage sortation with a Tilt Tray Sorter, automatic storage of early bags thanks to the ALSTEF BAGSHUTTLE system. There is also an automatic connection between the Terminal B BHS and the Inter-terminal Baggage Transportation System.

As there are many passengers in transit from the International Terminals, the IT system developed by ALSTEF GROUP to control the Terminal B BHS is fully integrated with the IT systems of the other Terminals. This ensures perfect control and tracking of passengers and baggage throughout the entire transfer process in Sheremetyevo Airport, for both security and customs purposes.

Terminal B BHS and the interconnection with the other Terminals is fully managed by ALSTEF BAGWARE software package. BAGWARE manages the automatic sortation of the baggage and also tracks the security and customs status of passengers and baggage.

After commissioning new Terminal B, a 15 million PAX Terminal dedicated to Aeroflot Hub domestic flights, MASH/TPS was the next project to be completed. MASH/TPS renewed its trust in ALSTEF GROUP for the design and provision of the baggage handling system for this new Terminal C1.  Like for Terminal B, this system includes the latest ALSTEF GROUP technologies such as BAGXENTER for high-speed centering/re-orienting bags or BAGSHUTTLE to store bags in advance. The installation includes a Standard 3 safety control, a tilt tray sorter, and an automated connection with other Terminals.

The operating system is also the ALSTEF GROUP BAGWARE software that manages the follow-up of passengers and their baggage depending on their customs status, and like for Terminal B, the connection system between different Terminals.

ALSTEF GROUP is responsible for the full maintenance and operations of Terminal B BHS under a 10 year contract.