Brioche Pasquier - Alstef Group

Brioche Pasquier renews its trust in Alstef Group for the automation of its factory.

Alstef Group at Brioche Pasquier

  • Location : Le Châtelet-en-Brie (FR, 77)
  • Supply: complete turnkey solution including an automated storage warehouse, order picking with an articulated robot, a conveyor network and a fleet of AGV in the production area zone
  • Industry : Agrifood
      alstef group order picking robot

      A complete installation

      After having automated its sites in Brissac, Les Cerqueux and Valence with Alstef Group, Brioche Pasquier has chosen to renew its trust for the automation of its factory at Châtelet-en-Brie.

      “We called upon our collaboration with Alstef Group to set up an automated system, which had proven itself on the Valence site. The automation project of  “Le-Châtelet-en-Brie” site came about in order to overcome a lack of space which was becoming very important in the storage area and especially on the shipping dock due to the development of our products for the large retailers. The benefit of our collaboration and the solution provided by Alstef Group allowed us to considerably improve the working conditions of our warehouse workers. We have automated all the order picking, which has limited to 90% the load carrying as it was before. This was essential for us, in addition to having this vertical storage and no longer an horizontal one.”

      Emmanuelle NEAUX, Managing Director, Brioche Pasquier Le-Châtelet-en-Brie

      The facility has five areas: production, reception, storage, order picking and shipping.

      Production area

      A fleet of 3 GL 10.1 type AGVs have been installed in the production area to ensure the transfer of finished products from the edges of the production lines to the automated storage warehouse.

      We have chosen the AGV solution to reduce an accident-prone area and material breakage on our tools “. Patrice Frappereau, Head of maintenance.

      Automated storage

      An automated warehouse made up of 4 stacker cranes has also been deployed to ensure buffer storage before order picking and storage before shipment. It also ensures the storage of pallets from outside (stacks of empty pallets and other packaging items).

      Order picking

      Order picking is ensured by an articulated robot ensuring high volumes of preparation by layer, and a manual picking station to complete the daughter pallets.

      A conveyor network brings the mother pallets from the automated warehouse to the robotic picking area. In order to correctly schedule the mother pallets to the robot, a shuttle connected to the network serves buffer bases, as close as possible to the picking station.

      The daughter pallets made up of homogeneous layers can be sent either directly to the shipping preparation area or to the manual picking stations for packages preparation.

      In the order picking area , a set of buffer bases and shuttles is also used to sequence the movements.

      The preparation area takes into account all the rules for constituting the daughter pallets, and includes useful and necessary functions to optimize the picking: return to buffer or storage depending on future consumption, concept of topping to optimize the use of mother pallets, etc.


      Loading shipments

      The conveyor system also allows the transfer of pallets from the order picking area to the strapping, wrapping, labeling machines and to the shipping docks.

      In the shipping area , in order to respect the truck rounds, the pallets are sequenced by a shuttle via buffer bases on conveyors and are made available on low-height motorized conveyors just in front of the docks.