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Paul Boyé Technologies choses automation with the Autostore® solution

The Autostore solution integrated by Alstef Group enabled the company to double its productivity.

Alstef Group at Paul Boyé

  • Location : Labarthe-sur-Lèze (FR, 31)
  • Furniture : Autostore
  • Industry : Clothing

    Paul Boyé Technologies has chosen to automate part of its storage and order preparation by acquiring the Autostore® solution, distributed by Alstef Group. Commissioned in June 2020, the installation is running at full speed.

    Paul Boyé Technologies is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of uniforms, combat clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE), leader in innovation and production technologies. Paul Boyé has chosen to install the Autostore® system, distributed by Alstef Group, on its Labarthe-sur-Lèze (31) site, near Toulouse, France.

    Successful commissioning despite the crisis

    Paul Boyé Technologies was able to acquire the Autostore® system in less than a year. Deployed in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the installation was finalized in June 2020. Against this backdrop, Philippe Boyé, the company’s Director, says he is “very satisfied with the way things went“. Alstef Group has indeed redoubled its efforts to meet the needs of Paul Boyé Technologies by ensuring the timely commissioning of the installation in the uncertain context we are experiencing.

    The supply and installation of the system by Alstef Group’s teams allowed the company to focus on its business and to mobilize during the crisis. In order to overcome the shortage of protective masks, the company started manufacturing FFP1 and FFP2 masks to ensure the supply of the necessary stocks.

    Increase the productivity of the company

    The solution offers Paul Boyé Technologies a gain in productivity and responsiveness. The two new picking stations offer a real optimization of flows since the company has already doubled its productivity in order preparation.

    The solution is scalable and adapts to the company’s challenges. This Autostore® of 15,000 bins is now equipped with 22 robots. Eventually, the system will be able to increase its flows thanks to the addition of robots and accommodate 50% extra storage capacity.

    It is this adaptability of the Autostore system that seduced the company:

    « For us, it is this capacity for evolution that interested us, to be able to follow tomorrow the evolution of our customers’ orders.» Philippe Boyé, Director