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A brand new Alstef Group AGV system for Bonduelle

Alstef Group at Bonduelle

  • Location: Rosporden, France
  • Supply: CM2 AGVs
  • Activity: agrifood
Bonduelle système AGV logistique Alstef Group

Bonduelle, world leader in ready-to-use vegetables, has renewed its trust in Alstef Group for the replacement of its AGV system. Bonduelle wanted to modernize its intralogistics installation in its factory in Britanny, France, specialized in the production of freshly prepared salads.

The existing AGV system had been a crucial pillar of Bonduelle plant’s operational efficiency for almost 15 years. Bonduelle wanted to renew its AGV fleet in order to deal with the obsolescence of some hardware components and benefit from the latest technological developments offered by Alstef Group. On the software side, Bonduelle now benefits from the latest generation of supervision, offering optimum management of its flows.

The solution handles the transfer of pallets of finished products between the end of production lines and the storage hall, and supplies these lines with stacks of empty pallets. The CM2 AGVs are equipped with two motorized conveyors, enabling them to handle two pallets simultaneously at speeds of up to 58 pallets per hour.

Commissioning of the new system was carried out in a single phase, while respecting the site’s operating constraints, to ensure a smooth transition with no production stoppages.

Yves Lallauret, Technical Manager at Bonduelle Rosporden confirms: “I’d like to thank Alstef Group for the way they applied themselves to this project, and congratulate the teams on the support they provided, their proactivity in managing contingencies, the quality of service (installation, qualification and training) and the proposals they made. It’s essential to rely on high-quality providers, and this project has confirmed that you are just that.

This long-standing partnership between the two companies began in 1985 with the supply of a first fleet of AGVs to the Bonduelle site at Estrées, France, replaced by a second fleet of the same type in 2003. During these 37 years of operation, Alstef Group has deployed numerous functional modifications to adapt to the site’s evolution. In mid-2023, the system was replaced by 6 brand-new AGVs. Capable of optimally handling the plant’s production rates, the fleet handles the automated flow of pallets between the packaging area and cold storage.

“We are delighted to extend our long-standing partnership with Bonduelle, and to have supported them in these two new AGV projects. The remarkable work carried out by our teams, taking into full consideration all the specificities of the sites, enabled us to achieve Bonduelle’s objective: to look to the future with confidence, thanks to a high-performance solution for the long term”, adds Olivier Imbert, Alstef Mobile Robotics Managing Director.

Bonduelle système AGV logistique Alstef Group
Bonduelle système AGV intralogistique Alstef Group