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About this Project


Delivering a complete system including a double-deep pallet rack, 3 stacker cranes and a network of conveyors

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In 2004, our customer, French leader in processed beef products, entrusted ALSTEF with the design and supply of storage and handling equipment for the redevelopment and extension of its distribution center.

The customer chose for this new installation, the concept developed by ALSTEF which offers:

  • improved work conditions by elimination of work in intense cold,
  • order preparation at a fixed station in light positive cold,
  • perfect traceability of the products,
  • integration of the new storage with the existing cold rooms.


For the automatic cold room, ALSTEF’s supply includes:

  • a double depth pallet rack, with a capacity of 8,124 pallets,
  • 3 stacker cranes with a height of 19 m, able to perform at a temperature of -25°C,
  • a network of conveyors for :
    – connection with the production site,
    – reception of pallets produced on other sites,
    – service of the stacker crane aisles,
    – connection with the existing rooms and the dispatch area,
    – supply and evacuation of the order preparation station;