Cochin International Airport - Alstef Group



A multinational project team including members from India, and New Zealand worked on the 15-month installation which began in February 2015.

About this Project

  • Location: Kochi, Kerala, India
  • Awarded: September 2014
  • Contracted to: Glidepath
The Cochin Airport contract award included four main parts: the pre-screening system which includes 84 check-ins; the post-screening system including Level 3 screening, the sortation system sorting bags to four friction drive inclined make-up carousels and the inbound system. Three and a half kilometers of conveyor system deliver the baggage to four state-of-the-art CT x-ray machines meeting international screening (TSA/ECAC) standards. Glidepath was the first baggage handling company to provide Level 1 CT machine integration in any Indian airport.

The baggage system design, manufacture, and installation contract included Sortation, Allocation Control (SAC), Supervisory Control, and Data Acquisition (SCADA). The new system included high-speed ploughs designed for a throughput of up to 60 bags per minute. Concurrent phases throughout the project included the design and installation of an inline customs screening system at arrivals leading to five new inbound carousels.