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COROT : flexible and responsive manufacturing systems for SME


BA Systèmes | Alstef Group, is a partner of the COROT project, supported by the Interreg France Channel England Program.

  • Project dates : December 2016 – February 2022

      A collaborative project

      In the context of the factory of the future, the collaborative project COROT aims to develop a new autonomous robot technology to help improve the competitiveness of SMEs in the Channel area.

      The project is based on the design of innovative and affordable manufacturing systems involving autonomous Collaborative Robots (CoRot), digital tools for flexible production, transfer systems, and the associated knowledge to improve competitiveness.

      The project budget amounts to 3 957 023,20 euros of which 2 696 210,77 euros from the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).


      • Enable companies, especially SMEs, to benefit from innovative and affordable technological solutions.
      • Develop digital tools for flexible production systems and transitic systems, as well as the associated knowledge to improve their competitiveness.
      • Strengthen the collaboration between companies and universities in the cross-Channel region.
      • Improve the employability of young people and offer technical training via a MOOC (Massive Open and Online Course) on this subject.
      • Develop new skills in over 100 SME employees, increase the reasoning behind the project and provide technical support to over 50 SMEs, through industry workshops and other interactive sessions.
      • Facilitate the use of an autonomous, intelligent and collaborative mobile manipulator for the transport task in a flexible production system.
      • Develop a supervision system for a flexible production system based on a multi-agent system.

      The COROT project will thus offer several services to SMEs to facilitate the adoption of such technologies, or the investment necessary for their development. It will contribute to the development of new high value-added jobs in the whole FMA area. For BA Systèmes | Alstef Group, here are the expected results :

      • Data fusion and multi-sensor perception.
      • Dynamic capabilities of the supervision system (traffic management, dynamic mission allocation, simplified network interfaces).
      • New market: bring laboratory technologies to the market by designing and manufacturing a new product to meet industrial needs.
      alstef group order picking robot

      ” This project is an important step in our process of supporting regional companies in the filed of the industry of the future and in the develoment of associated research activities. The elements brought by Corot will allow any interested SME to appropriate these key technologies for their competitiveness.

      Chantal HURARD, Head of CESI.

      Alstef Group know-how

      • Design and manufacturing of the CoRot mobile robot (AGV)
      • Logistic studies and development of the supervision system (advanced software suite)
      • Integration of CoRot software from academic partners
      • Diffusion to industry and project exploitation


      Université le Havre
      University of Greenwich
      University of Exeter
      Alstef Group