Jorge Chavez International Airport, Lima, Peru - BHS Upgrade - Alstef Group


Expansion of the baggage system to include sortation and improved redundancy.

About this Project

  • Location: Lima, Peru

This project involved replacing the five existing x-rays with new Standard 3 screening machines and replacing three pallet loop make-up carousels with high-capacity friction drive dispenser carousels. A key feature of the new design is improved redundancy of the system. Bags from any check-in bank can be allocated to at least one of two screening machines and any screening machine can sort to any make-up carousel, providing highly efficient redundancy.  

Lima Airport

Alstef Group has developed a complex phasing plan to keep the airport operational during the install with at least 60% of check-in positions required to be operational at all times. 

Overall, the completed system includes 97 new conveyors, 58 modified conveyors, three new Vertisort conveyors, a new plough diverter, three new carousels, and maintained 31 of the existing conveyors. 

Alstef Group is delighted maintain its enduring relationship with LAP” states Philippe Hamon, Director of Airport Sales for Alstef Group. “We’ve had a local team on-site at the airport for nearly 20 years, a team who are well integrated into the airport operations and who consider themselves just as much a part of the LAP team as they do Alstef Group”