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Stanor increases productivity with Alstef Group

Alstef Group at Stanor

  • Location: Moissac, France
  • Supply: fully automated system
  • Activity: agrifood
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Stanor continues to automate its site in Moissac (south of France) thanks to its ongoing collaboration with Alstef Group.

The fruit cooperative, which specializes in collecting, grading and packing 65,000 tonnes of apples a year, is continuing its quest for operational efficiency and safety at its plant.

Since Alstef Group’s deployment of an automated storage warehouse equipped with 4 stacker cranes in 2021, Stanor is extending the modernization and optimization of its internal storage and logistics operations. The new system focuses on automating the transport of pallet stacks between the various functional areas of the facility.

A shuttle loop now links production, stock and shipping areas. Specially designed to adapt to the site’s humid environment, this set of 9 rail-mounted shuttles includes water retention tanks, to guarantee the system’s performance and durability.

The solution also includes a dedicated quality control area, improving the process of product conformity validation by an operator. The area is fed with pallet stacks from the shuttle loop, according to Stanor’s control requirements.

Last but not least, Alstef Group has designed a new shipping preparation area, enabling fast and accurate preparation of truck loads on the docks. Thanks to 11 accumulation lanes, equipped with motorized inclined conveyors, the shipping area can store up to 99 stacks of paloxes to be shipped.

Commissioned over the summer 2023, the system is orchestrated by the control software suite developed by Alstef Group.

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