Dubai Emirates HQ - UAE​ - Alstef Group

 Dubai Emirates HQ (UAE)

A baggage handling system dedicated to the crew members in the new
Emirates Headquarters building in Dubaï .

About this Project

  • Awarded in 2005 
  • ALSTEF contractor 
  • Beumer Group supplied Autover system

      Innovative solution based on ALSTEF DCV Beumer autover® system.
      Specifications :
      The B.H.S. is installed on 4 different floors:

      • 1st floor: departures – Self-check-in area 
      • Ground floor: arrivals – Baggage reclaim carousels
      • Basement floor and mezzanine: Baggage processing (Make-up, unloading, screening) and premises (control rooms, maintenance workshop)

      Departures system:
      The system consists of 8 self-check-ins and 8 deposit belt-conveyors operated directly by the crew members. Bags are conveyed to the Basement via four 7 m high continuous lifts, they go through 2 PEDS at levels 1 and 2, and one tomography machine at level 3 and 4. After security screening, they are sorted to 1 of the 20 chutes to be loaded
      on a dedicated bus. Sortation is done by the D.C.V. autover® system installed on a mezzanine floor, where 31 carts running on a total track length of 620m are delivering the bags in less than 4 mn.

      Arrivals system:
      The system consists of two unloading lines located in the basement. Bags are conveyed to the ground floor and are sorted to four baggage reclaim carousels.

      Performances :
      The system is designed to handle a maximum of 1280 bags/h (departure and arrival) corresponding to 40 flights/h each day.

      Main advantages :
      • Performance: reduced transit time,
      • Availability: one faulty cart will not affect the performance of the system which has a 100% inherent redundancy
      • Security: the tracking is very reliable because of the unique association of one bag with one cart
      • Adaptability: the capacity can be almost instantly increased by adding extra carts and the track
      can easily be modified or extended
      • Operating cost: thanks to the fully passive track, to the centralised maintenance, to the possibility to adapt the number of carts to the flows of bags, the maintenance cost is low and the power consumption is minimum.