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Alstef Group automates the new logistics platform of Les Crudettes

Alstef Group at Les Crudettes

  • Location: Chateauneuf-sur-Loire (FR, 45)
  • Supply: 12 stacker cranes, 25 pallet shuttles, conveyor system
  • Industry: Agri-food
      Alstef Group automatise les crudettes

      Les Crudettes, member of the French agri-food group LSDH, has trusted Alstef Group for its new fresh logistics platform in Chateauneuf-sur-Loire, near Orléans.

      The company, which offers ready-to-eat green salads and raw vegetables, has entrusted Alstef Group with the automation of the storage, order picking and shipment of products coming from Les Crudettes and LSDH.

      This logistic system was commissioned in January 2022 and is located in a new 15,500 m² building hosting two areas for order picking and storage of fresh vegetables and liquids.

      The stock, with a capacity of nearly 15,000 slots at a temperature controlled at +2/+4°C, is served by twelve 15-meter-high stacker cranes. An on-board camera system on the stacker crane elevators facilitates maintenance and remote interventions.

      The manual order picking system consists of more than 1,160 ergonomic picking units fed by the stacker cranes. Nearly 1,000 references are thus available and distributed according to a pre-established preparation path.

      The multi-reference pallets prepared in this way are filmed and dispatched via a network of twenty five pallet shuttles, ensuring a high-speed connection (dispatch flow of up to 320 pallets/hour) between the storage warehouse and the thirteen dispatch docks.

      The whole system is operated by Stockware, the software developed by Alstef Group.

      Alstef-Group Stockage automatisé les Crudettes
      Alstef-Group Stockage automatisé les Crudettes