LSDH - Alstef Group

Alstef Group provides LSDH’s new plant with a state-of-the-art automated intralogistics system

Alstef Group at LSDH

  • Location : Cholet (FR, 49)
  • Supply : complete automated system
  • Industry : Bottling
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Alstef Group announces the implementation of a brand-new automated system for the LSDH Group. This innovative solution covers all the site’s logistics operations, from pallet reception to storage, production flow management and shipping. The solution combines a range of advanced technological solutions to meet LSDH’s specific needs and optimize the site’s operational efficiency.

An innovative infrastructure to handle large flows

Since its creation in 1876, the plant called L’Abeille has expanded its activities to become a major bottler, specializing in the production of soft drinks and syrups.

The company’s completely new building, L’Abeille 2, was born out of the desire to create an automated plant capable of handling large production, storage and dispatch flows in the medium term, and to cope with the increase in production. Today, the site acts as a logistics center for the LSDH Group, handling incoming goods from LSDH plants and shipments to the Group’s customers. The production plant is scheduled to come on stream at the end of the first half of 2024, and will eventually house around ten packaging lines.

For this major project, LSDH has chosen to renew its trust in Alstef Group. Based on a continued partnership, the two companies have been working together since the 90s, with several sites having benefited from Alstef Group’s expertise, such as Les Crudettes and Saint-Denis-de-l’Hôtel, both located in western France.

A tailor-made overall system

L’Abeille 2 is distinguished by its state-of-the-art intralogistics system, including eight 35-meter-high stacker cranes, offering over 40,000 storage locations. The operational capacity of this self-supporting high-bay racking system enables optimum flow management, with stock removal rates of up to 280 pallets per hour. These rates are achieved thanks to the high performance of the stacker cranes, with lifting speeds of up to 96 meters per minute.

Two shuttles transfer the pallets from storage to the shipping hall. Shipment management and pallet scheduling are ensured by a set of gravity conveyors, divided into eleven docks, each allocated to a truck image in progress. Meanwhile, the receiving area is efficiently managed, with a rigorous pallet control process, including barcode, dimension and quality checking.

Three CM4 AGVs will link production to the warehouse. Designed and manufactured in France by the Alstef Group teams, these AGVs are equipped with four motorized conveyors, and were chosen for their ability to handle the expected production rates, thanks to the simultaneous transfer of four pallets per AGV.

This complete intralogistics system is managed by the WCS solution developed by Alstef Group, OPAL. This software suite combines the control and optimization of all the site’s intralogistics operations in a single application: from the storage warehouse to the AMR-AGV fleet, as well as the conveyors and shipping flows.

A strong partnership for successful deployment

The deployment of this major project was made possible by the close collaboration and ongoing commitment of the Alstef Group and LSDH teams. An extensive program of tests and emulations enabled the qualification and confirmation of the high capacity of the installation, while guaranteeing its optimal operation.

Alexandre Goubert, LSDH Logistics Manager, confirms: “We’ve been working with Alstef Group for many years with successful collaboration on a number of projects and geographical proximity to our LSDH headquarters. The preparatory works and execution enabled us to start off on time and to a very high standard. The automation of the site greatly increases inbound and outbound flows, and reduce truck loading times.”