Oujda Angads Airport - Morocco - Alstef Group

OUJDA ANGADS Airport (Morocco)

The National Airports Authority – ONDA – commissioned ALSTEF to build the most advanced baggage sorting system in Africa, including automatic check-in, control and sorting system for outbound baggage and control and delivery system for inbound baggage

About this Project

ALSTEF provides an intelligent system for handling, controlling and sorting baggage. This system is based on BEUMER’s DCV Autover®
The installation includes :

• 24 check-in stations divided in 2 blocks
• 44 DCV’s
• 440 m of track
• 2 PEDS standard 2 (automatic XRAY screening machines for levels
1 and 2)
• 1 EDS standard 3 (automatic tomography machine for levels 3
and 4)
• 18 sorting chutes
• processing capacity of the installation: 1,440 bags/hour
Arrivals : 3 installations, each one including:
• 1 line for baggage drop-off
• 1 XRAY inline screening machine
• 1 carrousel for baggage delivery


    All outbound bags are systematically screened automatically by 2 PEDS (Preliminary Explosive Detection System) at levels 1 and 2, and then if suspicious,
    by an EDS (Explosive Detection System) at levels 3 and 4, before being sorted automatically by flight to the 18 chutes.
    All screening machines (PEDS, EDS and XRAY arrivals) are provided and integrated by ALSTEF.

    Advantages :
    Very high quality service:

    • Significant availability of the installation: 100% redundancy of the routing function thanks to the DCV technology, redundancy of the screening machines (PEDS and EDS) that are not dedicated to a check-in block.
    • Increased security of baggage tracking, with the transportation of bags one by one
    • Total flexibility of the installation

    Reduced operating costs:

    • 100 % automatic control and sorting functions: reduction of personnel costs
    • Lower power consumption: when the flow of bags is low, part of the DCVs and screening machines are stopped proportionally, without human intervention
    • Centralized maintenance allowing interventions during daytime, without stopping the operations.